Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Year Book Inside layout development

Today I worked on the fashion yearbook for most of the day. Initially I focused on the layout of the inside of the book, and how it would work with the logo I've been developing (previous post). Here is a PDF of the things I tried out today. I'm a big fan of the writing being vertical, rather than horizontal. I know I said I didn't like this about our yearbook from last year, but it creates a sense of progressiveness that both suits the logo and the idea of fashion as constantly forward thinking.

I think that the 'Nouvelle Vogue' font needs to be kept reasonably to a minimum. It's a nice header font, but it shouldn't dominate the work, because it's quite an illustrative font. When I used it for even larger quotes, it became too much. For this reason I stuck with futura for most of the other text. I chose it when designing the logo for the 'BA fashion' and 'leeds college of art...' bits because it's pointedness and thin weight seemed to go with the nouvell vague more than other fonts like helvetica, which appeared far too blocky.

Obviously, it's going to be easier to see the actuality of the design when we recieve some actual photos, so that's something to bring up at the meeting with Paul on wednesday 2nd. But thus far, I feel this direction is definitely heading in the right way.

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