Monday, March 21, 2011

Second proofing

After making the corrections form last time, here is a second proof, and my further decisions based upon that proof:

I want to scale the star shape down, it's far too dominant and overbearing. I also need to tidy some stuff up with the tape linking to the words.

I'm really not keen on the type on the back of this, I also think it's unnecessary. Either I'll leave it black or come up with a different option.

Mostly fine, need to take the point size of the pull quote down form 12 to 10, which looks better and suits the page more, plus it will be uniform with the other pages.

I need to rwork this again because it doesn't look much better, still messy.

Happy with this, looks really strong.

Not sure the photo works against reversed out anymore, will try just the right hand page reversed out.

Small typo with the spacing between question and answer.

These corrections will finalise this ready for print, then its figuring out a method of packaging, making the mix tapes and then manufacturing the whole thing.

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