Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Colour Choices and some changes

Firstly theres a chage to all of the book covers, I have decided to change the futura at +200 leading for Gill at no increased leading. Gill is quite a formal sans-serif that gives off the right signals of academia that suit the book.

Something else I changed regarding the stephen spielberg design, I changed it form vertical lines to circular outlines because otherwise it would look a little similar to the Wes Anderson pattern design.

I decided to look at tertiary colours for Stephen Spielberg, i.e. mainly browns, this is to represent the mix of different genres that Spielberg has worked with, and it also gives a unique colour that isn't similar to any of the other ones that have been used so far.

I've also started messing with the colours to get the right shade

Now to design the rest of the covers before printing proofs and making some judgements absed on those.

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