Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Initial responses to feedback form daisy, plus pinhole photography

After the logo feedback I got from my business partner Daisy, I combined the lgo elements she liked into the type below, which I'm really fond of. I whacked the leading up to 800 as well, because I liked that about the last page of logos I showed her and I think it's really effective. I wasn't so keen anymore on the background style, so I looked at pinhole photography on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/pinholers/pool/with/5550227472/ .

These are some of the most interesting because they're quite ghostly and ethereal, they suit the idea of les morts quite well, and the brief concept of 'occult' 'black magic' 'ghosts' and 'the unexplained'. I used the delete brush with a series of grunge brushes to soften them into the photograph and push the ghostly ethereal look even further. I'm going to show these to Daisy and see what she thinks and hope I get permission to use them, particularly the black and white photography, I can see that applied to business cards and look books and looking pretty excellent.

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