Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final context books

Here are my final context books. I'm really happy with them, unfortunately I left the actual production of these books a little late in the day.It means rather than trialing a load of different paper stocks to see which one would work the best, I'm goign to have to pick some stocks from the library. Not ideal but all my fault. I want two different colours of stocks: 1 that is a little lighter for the designers and type is art books so photographs stand out against them much better, and one thats a bit darker, to make the type manuals seem a little bit more industrial.

Belly band to hold them altogether:

So, how did this project go? pretty well and I found it very valuable as an asset in me growing as a designer. Both i terms of having the contact studios (even though a lot didn't get back in touch) in terms of getting to know and understand typefaces I've regularly worked with a lot better, and in terms of understanding type as a skill and a beautiful art form.

Weaknesses: I put this together a bit late in the day so it wasn't managed as well as it could have been I guess, but that's just the way it is sometimes.

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