Monday, May 23, 2011

Finalising the content of my context publications

OK I need to finalise exactly what is going into my book from the research that I've been doing, so lets do this book by book:

Book 1, 05 reasons that type is an art form

(was going to be 10, but after 5 I found myself repeating)

Introduction (description of why I'm doing this book)

Definition of art

Reason 01, Type is part of fine art, Barbara Kruger example

Reason 02, Typefaces are creative output (highlight with examples of typefaces who have particular quirks to letterforms, garamond, baskerville, futura)

Reason 03 Typefaces can say alot, basically how a typeface communicates more than just the letters it portrays, connotations etc. and how they are manipulated expertly

Reason 04 What's acceptable evolves, how conventions and boundaries change and are pushed like fine art a lot. (Simon Garfield quote)

Reason 05 Type designers use such skill; highlight all of the skills and technicalities involved in creating a typeface.


Book 2 10 sans serif works of art

With each one use quotes and what learned to identify why each typeface is unique and important

01 futura
02 gill
03 univers
04 franklin gothic
05 optima
06 avant garde
07 helvetica
08 gotham
09 VAG rounded (first rounded typeface)
10 Johnston

Book 03, 10 excellent type designers

01 Sagmeister (hand done type, important use interview materials)
03 Chevy Chase
04 RAW (use interview materials)
05 Build
06 Consult
07 One Nine Four (use interview stuffs)
08 Aurele Sack (Use interview stuff)
09 Construct
10 Music (use interview stuff)

Book 04, 10 serifs

01 Georgia
02 Baskerville
03 Garamond
04 Rockwell
05 Bodoni
06 Palatino
07 Caslon
08 Minion
09 Cambria
10 Goudy Old Style

And there I have a nice set of arguments, designers and important historical typefaces!

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